Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Never think you are begging!!!!

Corruption, Corruption, Corruption!!!!!

Everywhere Corruption.

We cannot live without basic needs likewise we cannot lead our life without corruption. From the birth to death everything is corruption. Still why we have to worry about Corruption as all of us are using and being used by Corruption?

Yes we have to worry! Not in the name of the progress for the country or for our state or for something else. It is for us, we have to worry. Yes you heard right! It is for us we have to worry.

No not we have to worry about corruption that someone is cheating. It is in the name that we are losing our moral value. We are losing our moral values, our gratitude, our dignity, blah, blah, blah for corruption. You may think in your mind, "Hey stupid! Even we lose those we gain more luxuries which your moral values can't buy!". Yes I agree! I can't buy anything with those moral values any of the luxuries. But I know one thing for sure, I can buy good hearts and love from others if I wont corrupt anyone. It is happier and richer than any money brought luxuries.

Okay!Let us assume that you are getting more money for the work you are doing as "Something" from others. You build a big Mahal palace for your loved ones, a costliest jewel for you and for spouse, wont you forget that you have brought some curse together with the money you get something from the others. So you really need curse to gift to your loved ones or to live in the middle of curse.

You only see the big buildings, jewels, luxury cars through corruption. If you see only those, you are blind enough to catch a fire for your clothes by yourselves. It is not a foretelling or curse, I give it to you. It is the future how it comes to you, if you have lost your moral values today and going to suffer in future.

It is not any God going to punish for Corrupting, it is your own blood would do in future for the money you have collected and plucked, begged from others. 

Think wisely and be a wise person.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Hairstyle...!!

   Hello to all. This is to share some interesting photos I have shot while at home with the animals who are also the residents in our place. They are funny to watch. Just check them!!!!! You will enjoy!!!

How is my new Hair Style!!!!

Just a story now...

No one watching us!!!!

Come on Buddy!! It is the right time to enter the house.....

I find the way to get inside!!!


Careful, I hear someone is coming......

Hey!!! I got it. Look at it!!!!

What did they robbed? 

A model picture for their hairstyle!!!!! 

This post is just for fun. It is full of my imagination. Read it!! Watch it!!! Enjoy it!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Living Human Demons who are politicians in India

       Today in this post is about a shocking incident happened in 2010. Yes it is in 2010. But whether the people involved in the incident get the punishment no one knows. Just imagine you are watching a man dying in front of you in the road and he is being severed with sharp weapons and bleeding all around him. You have a vehicle and within 20 to 30 minutes you can reach the hospital to save him. What will you do? Just stand in front of him and enjoy how he is bleeding or do shoot all his injuries in camera for your headlines, or just call an ambulance to search where they are reached to carry him? 

      Yes it happened true and what are the options given is done by the people watching a dying man. He is a Sub Inspector of Police R.Vetrivel being attacked by a mob. They misidentify him for another police officer and threw a hand bomb at him and injured him with the sickle. He lost his leg in the bomb and with the sharp cut in the side of his neck. It happened in the Ambasamudram taluk, Tirunelveli district around 3pm.

   From the other end of the road two ministers named MRK PannerSelvam, TPM Mohaideen Khan are riding to reach Kadaynallur in the same road with the police protection.  They saw him dying in the road and they never think for saving him. Even one police is providing him water from distance so that he wont get any injury from him.

    Poor fellow!!! The Sub Inspector died is a good man and who is about to get double promotion for his work and a honest police officer too.

                                                              Irony MRK PannerSelvam is Health Minister and TPK Mohaideen Khan is environment minister during that period. But humans without any humanity. Not only the ministers, who are standing around him watching how he is dying.

     It happened during 8th Janurary 2010.

May his Soul rest in Peace. Praying for him!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reality shows or Entertainment

       Familiarity breeds contempt- People never want the same thing in their life again and again due to the advanced science. Now the variety of entertainment keeps on branching. People never want to see the same entertainment and films again and again. Likewise, the shows in the television should be variety attracting many audiences to the particular television channels.

      Initially such stunt shows are shown in the action channels like AXN. But people never want to cling on to the same channel for stunt shows and also the other television companies thought of reaching people through stunt shows, and reality shows.

      The reality shows varies. It includes reality dancing, singing and expressing their skills in front of people. As the world is so vast, the competitors are more. Everyone has to strive hard to get the Number One position or to become popular with skill. Nothing we can get easily without any effort or with simple effort. The efforts now done by the people to show the skill is not like cutting the nails. They are even ready to cut their heads to show the skill. That is passion.
                                                            Stunning performance

   When showing their talents, no one is down and no one is up. Everyone showed their unique talent. Everyone masters in their talent and do their mistakes. Their main aim is to show their talent to the world and to get the real praiseworthy which is a great gift for their work.

Harry Potter- Why do Kids attracted?

        Harry Potter - No one in the world can deny they don't knew this name. It is the popular character known to the world people about magic and wizardry world. It is a book written by J.K.Rowling and by selling those books now she is in top of the billionaires in London. You can just imagine how popular this book is....!!!!  

     They made 7 parts of Harry Potter book series and which is followed by the movies about 8 parts. Now the whole world is waiting for the final part of the movie release and it is today. Even there the story is known to all the expectations are running high to all.

   Harry Potter- Hero of the series is shown as an Orphan and from the wizard world. He who later goes to the Wizard school in Hogwarts from England through the train which is so unique and interesting way to reach is through the pillars in the London Railway station. From the beginning of the story it attracts people to read irrespective the age. The boy is only 11 years old to go for the Wizard school which he has no idea what would be makes us to see what will be the next. The children are attracted because they feel as if they are a part of Harry or Harry himself to reach the Hogwarts. What a Wonderful imagination from the writer!!!!
     The magic spells learned in the school and the books which have pictures of live one like what we watch in videos are attracting. Selecting the wands are like selecting the power for us. Everything is going lively into our nerves and blood to enjoy. We feel be the part of Harry Potter series and one of the character in Harry potter.
      Harry Potter released as book at first in the year 1995 by J.K. Rowling and the book was "Harry Potter and Philosopher's stone". By this part as the first one, the series of Harry Potter came as in the following order.

  1.  Harry Potter and Philosopher's stone- 1995(In US it is named as Sorcerer's stone)
  2.  Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets- 1998
  3.  Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban - 1999
  4.  Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire - 2000
  5.  Harry Potter and Order of Pheonix - 2003
  6.  Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince - 2005
  7.  Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows - 2007.
Following the popularity of the books among people irrespective of age, Harry Potter was made into films with the main characters of Harry Potter, and his friends Hermonie Granger, Ron Weasley. It was starred by the Child artists namely Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Reason for Craze:
          Yes People are craze about Harry Potter and they are just considering themselves as in Harry Potter. Even though there are many criticisms from the literary men about Harry Potter for propagating the Wizard thoughts and to implement the thoughts of some magic world, many people are still loving Harry Potter even they are adults. J.K.Rowling targeted to write it for only the children between 9 to 11 age group, but it is highly successful beyond those age group of people. 

   On analysing the reason for the high success for Harry Potter, it is clearly understood that a single magic spell or a single character is not responsible for success. It is the whole team of the story takes the credit for success. The love, Sacrifice, friendship, life, good relation, greedy, competition, evil and good mind, everything shared in this series and have find its work done in every part of the pages. Beyond that everything shown with riddle and puzzles and it makes our heart to beat what happens next is the backbone for the story to attract many reader.

Monday, June 20, 2011

India against corruption

         Now the Indian government has to face the difficulty of the pressure from the Social activist about the framing of Lokpal bill. The Central government explained the fasting done by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, Agnivesh as it is against democracy to urge government for framing Lokpal bill against corruption money which they have loaded in more than 70 countries. The biggest scams are being held in India and no persons have been punished yet for doing corruption and getting bribes. Richer become richest, poor becomes Poorest in India. 

      For supporting the Lokpal bill and to fight against the corruption there are millions of hands extending in India and outside India. About 3 crores of mobile numbers are registered for supporting Lokpal bill and more than 3 lakh internet users registered their names for supporting Lokpal bill and to fight for corruption and corrupting politicians.

Today there is protest in UK for supporting Baba Ramdev attack and to support for the fight against corruption. http://www.demotix.com/news/730257/indians-london-protest-government-corruption-india
The alumni from IIT Kanpur extended their hands for fighting against corruption. (See news in TOI)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Protect your password?

      Are you a daily internet user? Do you know what the risks you are facing while accessing your bank account, your mail account in this virtual world? Whether your password safe enough? Many such questions will make you to panic.

How I am saying there is password robbery going on in the internet world?
          Do you ever come across this word about "Wiki leaks". They are sharing many secret information even from Pentagon which is brought through the unsecured access in the Internet. Just imagine if our secrets are stolen by some person without our knowledge. It would be so shocking.

How do I can protect my password?
     In recent research done by 'Gibson Research Corporation', if the password is about 9letters it takes around 2 to 3 months for the hackers to find the right password. But if it is 10 letters password it takes about 18years for the hackers to find the right password. It is highly recommended to have the combination of Small case letters and Upper case letters in combination with letters and special characters which makes anyone difficult to find the right combination of password.  Change your password often to different set of keywords. 

What should not be done while selecting password?
        Many people in a rush would do the most common mistakes in choosing password while joining in some sites. The common mistakes are the easiest way for the hackers to find your password.
  • Never use the common name or the favorite names you like as your password.
  • Never use your loved ones names too either.
  • Never use the same password to the sites you have joined.
  • Never write the passwords anywhere until you have the full confident or you are the only user of your system.
  • Never share about your password to anyone.

You can find more interesting info here about Password security Microsoft Safety security center ,  Combat Identity Theft.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What are the effects in Japan after Tsunami and Nuclear reactor damage?

        You are well aware that a big Tsunami hit Japan in March 11th 2011. The Tsunami is due to the earthquake of about 8.9 magnitude. The coolant of the nuclear reactor in the Sendai town is being wrecked down leading to the radiation hazards around the place.
       Even after about 3 months the radiations levels in the ocean water near by the Sendai town is higher which is about 240 times more is from a report of the newspapers in Japan.

      Another surprising in the meanwhile shocking news around Japan is no eared Bunny born to a farmer near the Sendai city. It is doubted that the radiation will be the reason for the no ear in the bunny. The rabbit was born in May 7th 2001 in the town of Namie which is around 18 miles from the damaged nuclear reactor. The rabbit shows signs of albinism too with red eyes.

      Due to such unnatural birth of rabbit now again the people in Japan feared about the radiation hazard.

Another report says there is the sample of radio active Strontium in the sea water near the wrecked plant and about north to Tokyo.

    The people in Japan suffered a lot during Tsunami and the Nature mother never left the sufferings after Tsunami. No Ear Rabbit

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why should I care about 'Jan Lokpal bill'?

                Okay now today I am about here to share about our country and the very dark side of it. It is "Black money" which our wise politicians have hidden in Swiss bank and never want to let the wealth to be used by other people who are needy. They just want to use the whole wealth of country for them and for their descendants and not to left anything for the people of India. HOW CRUEL IT IS!!!!!!!! Neither them or their descendants going to take all those wealth to the heaven or hell after their death. But still they need it by drought the country.

For one year we are losing about 25 US BILLION dollars as black money which are been stolen from us by those politicians and big shots in India and deposited in other countries bank.


Yes now we get some solution to act against those corrupting people and make them out of the power even the Prime minister would be included in the list. If we find the Prime Minister or Chief minister we can take action against them to throw them out of power.

For such a Bill now many are fasting and acting in non- violence way which our leader Mahatma Gandhi taught us. Anna Hazare who is an ex army man and now Gandhian follower leading the mission with the supporters of thousands of youths and lakhs of Indians to draft Lokpal bill.

Not alone Anna Hazare is the man, he is supported by Baba Ramdev, Social activitist Swamin Agnivesh, RTI activist Arvind Kejriwa, Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, and personalities like Actor Anupem Kher, Actor Siddharth are supporting Anna Hazare to fight against corruption in the Lokpal bill.

    Source: Times Content

Lokpal bill was earlier formulated in the year 1972 and still today never came to light as none of the politicians willing to draft the bill or wanting to bend the bill according to their willingness and with hole to get their blackmoney again to the Swiss bank looting from India.

  The beginning action for the framing the Lokpal bill started in March 13, 2011 by Anna Hazare and with few of his supporters with 'hunger strike' unto death. The hunger strike which is started in Delhi reached to other cities and about 6000 residents in Mumbai gone for fasting one day supporting Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal bill. Later government approved for taking Jan Lokpal bill considering the fasting is ended by them and went for the discussions which is not yet fruitful.

Baba Ramdev  supporting Lokpal bill announced for fasting in New Delhi as there was no interest shown by government to frame the bill. But he and his followers being assaulted by the police in the night before he announced for fasting. All the political parties condemned this action against Baba Ramdev as it is against democracy.

Till now there is no improvement from the government side to take the necessary steps for the drafting of Jan Lokpal bill.

Many lakhs of supporters are giving support by person and through the SMS and by internet users for Lokpal bill and to Anna Hazare to act against the Lokpal bill.

People awake and arise and we have to reach the goal of CORRUPTION FREE INDIA.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

49 O - New tool in the democracy

         Hello friends, today I like to speak about something we have to know and we have to teach our future generations too. It is 49 O. 

What is '49 O' ?
   49 O is a rule which can be followed during the election period. It means "I am not willing to cast my vote to any parties but still I would do my right to vote."

We know now there are many scams running around our country. Huge black money is in the foreign. Still we cannot do anything or our government too. The LOKPAL bill which is in the rush to formulate is being in the rubbery stage of to or not to get qualified.

We are fed up with those politicians. Now we can show our opposition to any parties but casting the vote to 49O which means I don't want to vote to any persons standing in the elections.

It is not a direct mission to stop them. It is showing our opposition to those looting politicians who fill their pockets from our funds. By showing the opposition they would start to fear about people's power.

But if there are majority of members have voted for 49 O there will be no presidency rule which is commonly mistaken. The majority of the person who got the vote is selected as won in that election. Yet it is some sort of making fear to those politicians that people are watching their moves and they will get danger at any time.

In recent election conducted in Tamilnadu there are about 24824 votes casted as 49 O. (Read this article)In future it will raise if the politicians are still sucking our money to their bank account.

Never forget 49 0 in coming election if you are not satisfied with the candidates in your place.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How your success is measured?

        Everyday we are striving hard for something to achieve. We cannot end up with success daily and even if we have success without failure we would fed up with the work we are doing. So the success and failures are like two coins and which is essential in our life. It motivates us to work more and to gain more.
      But as failure is essential we need to move towards success everyday and to achieve our goal irrespective of our daily result. Our every day work have to be measured with a scale. It is the scale to measure our success.

Yes there is a scale to measure the success!!!!

When we fail in our mission and would stand up to get the path again to reach the success, we learn lessons from the mistakes we did. It is the scale for success. Every time you learn something new and when the mistakes are turned to experience you are towards your goal. It measures how much you have proceeded and how much you have declined yourself in your life to achieve your goal. 

Just learn everyday how your success is measured?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

That Dreadful day(Saving lives)

          A crowd of people are standing in front of that house in that village. It is a village and for the name sake it is village, but the houses and streets give an impression it as a town. Whatever the place like be, only when there are basic facilities, the place is developed. 
          The village has no transportation facility, no good school and no single hospital. People have to depend on the near town hospital even any emergency present. Inside the house a woman who is shrieking due to abdominal pain. The woman is around 55 years old and by her appearance her age could not be calculated. The relatives are filled in the house. They look worried and feared about her condition. They are waiting for the arrival of taxi from the near town to take her to hospital.
          The taxi arrived in front of the house within 15 minutes. Her brothers and sisters lifted her and carried her to the taxi. Not wasting a single second, the taxi rushes to the hospital nearby town which is around 8kms away. It is the only hospital in that area which has basic needs for the handling emergency. Two doctors who are couples are managing the hospital.
          When the taxi just reached the hospital gateway, the elder brother running inside to fetch the doctors or any hospital faculty to check and give treatment to his sister. Oh no! Unfortunately it is Sunday. The hospital is running in Sunday but the doctors are in ready to go to the Church for doing prayers. The male doctor who comes there said that he is going to the Church and would treat the patient when he returns there by evening. Now the time is around 11 am.  She is suffering in the peak of pain. Her siblings are confused what to do next as the doctor giving such irresponsible answer.
          A few minutes later, a couple of old people reach the hospital. They are family friends to the lady and her siblings. The grandmother, who came in there in that hospital, is checking the pulse of that lady.  The grandma had learned alternative medicine long before. On checking the pulse, she found that the lady is declining and pulse rate is reaching 30/second.  She is just a wise lady. She said the result without panicking and just said by notes to take her to the near city which is around 30kms away from that place immediately. 
          Even though none of them know that the lady’s life is in danger and the hope of living is less, they take her without any delay.  They reached the hospital in the city in an hour in the taxi. It is a multi specialty hospital which is running for 24 hours.
          The doctor in that hospital is quite well known to the grandmother. They informed the doctor soon after her arrival. Hence the hospital staffs are waiting for the lady’s arrival. The lady with her relatives reached at time. The doctor checked the lady and said that it is not easy to save her. Only God has to save her. 
          The doctor on saying this started to give treatment. She has taken to the operation theatre to do the operation. Her complaints are the intestine has been damaged by her improper intake of allopathic medicines without consulting doctor. Due to excessive intake it leads to the intestine rupture and intense pain and internal bleeding. The operations are going for about 10hours from the time she has been admitted there.
          Without any hope the doctor is doing his operation to that lady. He just gives some intimation about her condition even after operation as there is no hope. She has been kept in ICU. The next day, the doctor came and checked her. He is so amazed to see her as she is now doing well.  He is so happy. He informed to the relatives that she is now out of danger and doing well. After many years she is doing well till today.
          The grandmother if not came there at time and give a timely advice, she would not present now alive. Everyone of the family is grateful to the grandma till now.


Friday, April 1, 2011

A day of life in India

       Have you seen backyard of Tajmahal in any photos? Did you enjoy being in a crowded bus?  Have you tasted Pani Puri in the Mumbai beaches? Did you bought the pearls in Hyderabad streets? Have you walked in the Howrah Bridge?  Everything you can do…….!!!!
       Just imagine that you go from South Kanyakumari to Northern Himalayas, tasting the West Bengal air and wetting your feet in Arabian Sea in the shore. It is not the tourist trip. It is like seeing the true India from each and every corner.  Even the Indian from one part of India has no idea of the other part other than the major cultures and language. If you could see all those in one place, oh just imagine!!!!!

              The most renowned journal “Times of India” takes this hectic job to compile each and every part of India’s life. It is in the form of photos, videos, jokes, cartoons. Every product is from individual work who done it to show their place here. 
             You can enjoy, laugh, understand, and be a part of India. Some interesting photos and videos are given here. Just check it out.

Check funny videos here

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aged Orphans

             In India, there is system of Joint family long before and many people lived happily in joint family. Patience and helping each other, working together are the main lessons learned in Joint family. But it is like blue moon to see a joint family and in turn to see a person with patience. Not only, had the family shrunk to Nuclear family, people’s mind too.

      Before parents are given much importance and whatever they decide is the decision for the whole family. Now the condition is upside down. Parents when reach their old age is considered as the waste baggage in home and they are driven out of the home sooner or later. So unfortunate to them. But it is happening in India. About 85% of people are now unable to have their parents in their home as they think they are interfering in their freedom. Many people think it is waste of money to spend for them.

      How cruel people they are!! Even God won’t give them any mercy.
   Many old age homes are occupied fully with them. Many new homes are blooming to care them. Pity the grown up children who don’t need their parents have no money to care them in old homes too even they have luxury life. Some old people are being killed by their own children in the sharp words too. The most awful news in some part of India, old people are killed by some means like making them to bath in cold water after applying oil throughout their body. It kills them slowly but surely.

      Whoever just dropped their parents in old age home and whoever wants their parents to sleep in streets and feed the crumbs of bread laid in dustbin just think a while. YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN SUCH STAGE SOONER OR LATER IN FUTURE. ARE YOU READY TO FACE THOSE?

         Just think for a minute. They helped us to grow and they fed us for their life long. We won’t become poor on feeding them. They need our love and care alone. Take care of your parents in their old age.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


           Today the major problem we are facing and doing to our nature is increase in global temperature which is called as "Global Warming".  Global warming is increase in the temperature of the Earth due to increased pollution from vehicles, industries, burning plastics, cutting down trees and many other indirect factors act as a whole to induce the warmth of the Earth atmosphere.

What will happen if our Earth temperature keeps on increasing?

You may think what will be a major problem when there is only a slight increase in the Earth's temperature. No it is not kind of having a slight fever or high fever to get treatment or not to get treatment. It is our mother Nature. Most people even think, Global warming is just a hoax and there is no evidence for it. But I would say it is wrong. If it is a hoax, why should we have many environment changes, like Japan earthquake, Tsunami, last year hurricanes in US. These are symbols of our environment is being changed and it is the high time for us to take necessary step to protect our Mother Nature for our survival.

Okay the next thing you have to know why there is such importance to the Global warming issue is given to. Due to global warming, immediate effect is shown in the icebergs present in the Antarctica so that the snow would melt down to water and increase the sea level. Just imagine if the water in the Ocean increased, what would happen to their border. They just increase and submerge the low lying lands. Next there will be no regular climate and weather. Many chances to form hurricanes like Katrina which strike US recently forms in Ocean and would attack the lands. That is the worst disaster we have to face.

     Instead of keep on hurting the Nature, let us start to protect our Nature and environment. For that today Earth Hour has conducted. In India millions of people turned every lights and electrical equipments for an hour to reduce the electricity usage and also to reduce the increasing warmth in our globe.

   Let us not stop here and would continue this work daily by reducing electricity usage unnecessarily, fuel saving  It is not a work it is our duty.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Times of India Contest

Are you a good photographer?

Are you a good Cartoonist?

Are you a Joke cracker?

Do you create good videos?

Now "Times of India" is running a contest to show your talents now. There are separate category for the Professionals and Non professionals. The Prize money is 1lakh for a good selected photo and 5lakhs for a good video made.

Just it is the time for you to show your talent rush up.