Saturday, April 9, 2011

That Dreadful day(Saving lives)

          A crowd of people are standing in front of that house in that village. It is a village and for the name sake it is village, but the houses and streets give an impression it as a town. Whatever the place like be, only when there are basic facilities, the place is developed. 
          The village has no transportation facility, no good school and no single hospital. People have to depend on the near town hospital even any emergency present. Inside the house a woman who is shrieking due to abdominal pain. The woman is around 55 years old and by her appearance her age could not be calculated. The relatives are filled in the house. They look worried and feared about her condition. They are waiting for the arrival of taxi from the near town to take her to hospital.
          The taxi arrived in front of the house within 15 minutes. Her brothers and sisters lifted her and carried her to the taxi. Not wasting a single second, the taxi rushes to the hospital nearby town which is around 8kms away. It is the only hospital in that area which has basic needs for the handling emergency. Two doctors who are couples are managing the hospital.
          When the taxi just reached the hospital gateway, the elder brother running inside to fetch the doctors or any hospital faculty to check and give treatment to his sister. Oh no! Unfortunately it is Sunday. The hospital is running in Sunday but the doctors are in ready to go to the Church for doing prayers. The male doctor who comes there said that he is going to the Church and would treat the patient when he returns there by evening. Now the time is around 11 am.  She is suffering in the peak of pain. Her siblings are confused what to do next as the doctor giving such irresponsible answer.
          A few minutes later, a couple of old people reach the hospital. They are family friends to the lady and her siblings. The grandmother, who came in there in that hospital, is checking the pulse of that lady.  The grandma had learned alternative medicine long before. On checking the pulse, she found that the lady is declining and pulse rate is reaching 30/second.  She is just a wise lady. She said the result without panicking and just said by notes to take her to the near city which is around 30kms away from that place immediately. 
          Even though none of them know that the lady’s life is in danger and the hope of living is less, they take her without any delay.  They reached the hospital in the city in an hour in the taxi. It is a multi specialty hospital which is running for 24 hours.
          The doctor in that hospital is quite well known to the grandmother. They informed the doctor soon after her arrival. Hence the hospital staffs are waiting for the lady’s arrival. The lady with her relatives reached at time. The doctor checked the lady and said that it is not easy to save her. Only God has to save her. 
          The doctor on saying this started to give treatment. She has taken to the operation theatre to do the operation. Her complaints are the intestine has been damaged by her improper intake of allopathic medicines without consulting doctor. Due to excessive intake it leads to the intestine rupture and intense pain and internal bleeding. The operations are going for about 10hours from the time she has been admitted there.
          Without any hope the doctor is doing his operation to that lady. He just gives some intimation about her condition even after operation as there is no hope. She has been kept in ICU. The next day, the doctor came and checked her. He is so amazed to see her as she is now doing well.  He is so happy. He informed to the relatives that she is now out of danger and doing well. After many years she is doing well till today.
          The grandmother if not came there at time and give a timely advice, she would not present now alive. Everyone of the family is grateful to the grandma till now.


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