Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What are the effects in Japan after Tsunami and Nuclear reactor damage?

        You are well aware that a big Tsunami hit Japan in March 11th 2011. The Tsunami is due to the earthquake of about 8.9 magnitude. The coolant of the nuclear reactor in the Sendai town is being wrecked down leading to the radiation hazards around the place.
       Even after about 3 months the radiations levels in the ocean water near by the Sendai town is higher which is about 240 times more is from a report of the newspapers in Japan.

      Another surprising in the meanwhile shocking news around Japan is no eared Bunny born to a farmer near the Sendai city. It is doubted that the radiation will be the reason for the no ear in the bunny. The rabbit was born in May 7th 2001 in the town of Namie which is around 18 miles from the damaged nuclear reactor. The rabbit shows signs of albinism too with red eyes.

      Due to such unnatural birth of rabbit now again the people in Japan feared about the radiation hazard.

Another report says there is the sample of radio active Strontium in the sea water near the wrecked plant and about north to Tokyo.

    The people in Japan suffered a lot during Tsunami and the Nature mother never left the sufferings after Tsunami. No Ear Rabbit

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