Saturday, July 23, 2011

Living Human Demons who are politicians in India

       Today in this post is about a shocking incident happened in 2010. Yes it is in 2010. But whether the people involved in the incident get the punishment no one knows. Just imagine you are watching a man dying in front of you in the road and he is being severed with sharp weapons and bleeding all around him. You have a vehicle and within 20 to 30 minutes you can reach the hospital to save him. What will you do? Just stand in front of him and enjoy how he is bleeding or do shoot all his injuries in camera for your headlines, or just call an ambulance to search where they are reached to carry him? 

      Yes it happened true and what are the options given is done by the people watching a dying man. He is a Sub Inspector of Police R.Vetrivel being attacked by a mob. They misidentify him for another police officer and threw a hand bomb at him and injured him with the sickle. He lost his leg in the bomb and with the sharp cut in the side of his neck. It happened in the Ambasamudram taluk, Tirunelveli district around 3pm.

   From the other end of the road two ministers named MRK PannerSelvam, TPM Mohaideen Khan are riding to reach Kadaynallur in the same road with the police protection.  They saw him dying in the road and they never think for saving him. Even one police is providing him water from distance so that he wont get any injury from him.

    Poor fellow!!! The Sub Inspector died is a good man and who is about to get double promotion for his work and a honest police officer too.

                                                              Irony MRK PannerSelvam is Health Minister and TPK Mohaideen Khan is environment minister during that period. But humans without any humanity. Not only the ministers, who are standing around him watching how he is dying.

     It happened during 8th Janurary 2010.

May his Soul rest in Peace. Praying for him!!!

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