Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aged Orphans

             In India, there is system of Joint family long before and many people lived happily in joint family. Patience and helping each other, working together are the main lessons learned in Joint family. But it is like blue moon to see a joint family and in turn to see a person with patience. Not only, had the family shrunk to Nuclear family, people’s mind too.

      Before parents are given much importance and whatever they decide is the decision for the whole family. Now the condition is upside down. Parents when reach their old age is considered as the waste baggage in home and they are driven out of the home sooner or later. So unfortunate to them. But it is happening in India. About 85% of people are now unable to have their parents in their home as they think they are interfering in their freedom. Many people think it is waste of money to spend for them.

      How cruel people they are!! Even God won’t give them any mercy.
   Many old age homes are occupied fully with them. Many new homes are blooming to care them. Pity the grown up children who don’t need their parents have no money to care them in old homes too even they have luxury life. Some old people are being killed by their own children in the sharp words too. The most awful news in some part of India, old people are killed by some means like making them to bath in cold water after applying oil throughout their body. It kills them slowly but surely.

      Whoever just dropped their parents in old age home and whoever wants their parents to sleep in streets and feed the crumbs of bread laid in dustbin just think a while. YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN SUCH STAGE SOONER OR LATER IN FUTURE. ARE YOU READY TO FACE THOSE?

         Just think for a minute. They helped us to grow and they fed us for their life long. We won’t become poor on feeding them. They need our love and care alone. Take care of your parents in their old age.

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