Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Never think you are begging!!!!

Corruption, Corruption, Corruption!!!!!

Everywhere Corruption.

We cannot live without basic needs likewise we cannot lead our life without corruption. From the birth to death everything is corruption. Still why we have to worry about Corruption as all of us are using and being used by Corruption?

Yes we have to worry! Not in the name of the progress for the country or for our state or for something else. It is for us, we have to worry. Yes you heard right! It is for us we have to worry.

No not we have to worry about corruption that someone is cheating. It is in the name that we are losing our moral value. We are losing our moral values, our gratitude, our dignity, blah, blah, blah for corruption. You may think in your mind, "Hey stupid! Even we lose those we gain more luxuries which your moral values can't buy!". Yes I agree! I can't buy anything with those moral values any of the luxuries. But I know one thing for sure, I can buy good hearts and love from others if I wont corrupt anyone. It is happier and richer than any money brought luxuries.

Okay!Let us assume that you are getting more money for the work you are doing as "Something" from others. You build a big Mahal palace for your loved ones, a costliest jewel for you and for spouse, wont you forget that you have brought some curse together with the money you get something from the others. So you really need curse to gift to your loved ones or to live in the middle of curse.

You only see the big buildings, jewels, luxury cars through corruption. If you see only those, you are blind enough to catch a fire for your clothes by yourselves. It is not a foretelling or curse, I give it to you. It is the future how it comes to you, if you have lost your moral values today and going to suffer in future.

It is not any God going to punish for Corrupting, it is your own blood would do in future for the money you have collected and plucked, begged from others. 

Think wisely and be a wise person.