Friday, June 10, 2011

Why should I care about 'Jan Lokpal bill'?

                Okay now today I am about here to share about our country and the very dark side of it. It is "Black money" which our wise politicians have hidden in Swiss bank and never want to let the wealth to be used by other people who are needy. They just want to use the whole wealth of country for them and for their descendants and not to left anything for the people of India. HOW CRUEL IT IS!!!!!!!! Neither them or their descendants going to take all those wealth to the heaven or hell after their death. But still they need it by drought the country.

For one year we are losing about 25 US BILLION dollars as black money which are been stolen from us by those politicians and big shots in India and deposited in other countries bank.


Yes now we get some solution to act against those corrupting people and make them out of the power even the Prime minister would be included in the list. If we find the Prime Minister or Chief minister we can take action against them to throw them out of power.

For such a Bill now many are fasting and acting in non- violence way which our leader Mahatma Gandhi taught us. Anna Hazare who is an ex army man and now Gandhian follower leading the mission with the supporters of thousands of youths and lakhs of Indians to draft Lokpal bill.

Not alone Anna Hazare is the man, he is supported by Baba Ramdev, Social activitist Swamin Agnivesh, RTI activist Arvind Kejriwa, Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, and personalities like Actor Anupem Kher, Actor Siddharth are supporting Anna Hazare to fight against corruption in the Lokpal bill.

    Source: Times Content

Lokpal bill was earlier formulated in the year 1972 and still today never came to light as none of the politicians willing to draft the bill or wanting to bend the bill according to their willingness and with hole to get their blackmoney again to the Swiss bank looting from India.

  The beginning action for the framing the Lokpal bill started in March 13, 2011 by Anna Hazare and with few of his supporters with 'hunger strike' unto death. The hunger strike which is started in Delhi reached to other cities and about 6000 residents in Mumbai gone for fasting one day supporting Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal bill. Later government approved for taking Jan Lokpal bill considering the fasting is ended by them and went for the discussions which is not yet fruitful.

Baba Ramdev  supporting Lokpal bill announced for fasting in New Delhi as there was no interest shown by government to frame the bill. But he and his followers being assaulted by the police in the night before he announced for fasting. All the political parties condemned this action against Baba Ramdev as it is against democracy.

Till now there is no improvement from the government side to take the necessary steps for the drafting of Jan Lokpal bill.

Many lakhs of supporters are giving support by person and through the SMS and by internet users for Lokpal bill and to Anna Hazare to act against the Lokpal bill.

People awake and arise and we have to reach the goal of CORRUPTION FREE INDIA.

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