Saturday, March 26, 2011


           Today the major problem we are facing and doing to our nature is increase in global temperature which is called as "Global Warming".  Global warming is increase in the temperature of the Earth due to increased pollution from vehicles, industries, burning plastics, cutting down trees and many other indirect factors act as a whole to induce the warmth of the Earth atmosphere.

What will happen if our Earth temperature keeps on increasing?

You may think what will be a major problem when there is only a slight increase in the Earth's temperature. No it is not kind of having a slight fever or high fever to get treatment or not to get treatment. It is our mother Nature. Most people even think, Global warming is just a hoax and there is no evidence for it. But I would say it is wrong. If it is a hoax, why should we have many environment changes, like Japan earthquake, Tsunami, last year hurricanes in US. These are symbols of our environment is being changed and it is the high time for us to take necessary step to protect our Mother Nature for our survival.

Okay the next thing you have to know why there is such importance to the Global warming issue is given to. Due to global warming, immediate effect is shown in the icebergs present in the Antarctica so that the snow would melt down to water and increase the sea level. Just imagine if the water in the Ocean increased, what would happen to their border. They just increase and submerge the low lying lands. Next there will be no regular climate and weather. Many chances to form hurricanes like Katrina which strike US recently forms in Ocean and would attack the lands. That is the worst disaster we have to face.

     Instead of keep on hurting the Nature, let us start to protect our Nature and environment. For that today Earth Hour has conducted. In India millions of people turned every lights and electrical equipments for an hour to reduce the electricity usage and also to reduce the increasing warmth in our globe.

   Let us not stop here and would continue this work daily by reducing electricity usage unnecessarily, fuel saving  It is not a work it is our duty.

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