Sunday, June 5, 2011

49 O - New tool in the democracy

         Hello friends, today I like to speak about something we have to know and we have to teach our future generations too. It is 49 O. 

What is '49 O' ?
   49 O is a rule which can be followed during the election period. It means "I am not willing to cast my vote to any parties but still I would do my right to vote."

We know now there are many scams running around our country. Huge black money is in the foreign. Still we cannot do anything or our government too. The LOKPAL bill which is in the rush to formulate is being in the rubbery stage of to or not to get qualified.

We are fed up with those politicians. Now we can show our opposition to any parties but casting the vote to 49O which means I don't want to vote to any persons standing in the elections.

It is not a direct mission to stop them. It is showing our opposition to those looting politicians who fill their pockets from our funds. By showing the opposition they would start to fear about people's power.

But if there are majority of members have voted for 49 O there will be no presidency rule which is commonly mistaken. The majority of the person who got the vote is selected as won in that election. Yet it is some sort of making fear to those politicians that people are watching their moves and they will get danger at any time.

In recent election conducted in Tamilnadu there are about 24824 votes casted as 49 O. (Read this article)In future it will raise if the politicians are still sucking our money to their bank account.

Never forget 49 0 in coming election if you are not satisfied with the candidates in your place.

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