Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Protect your password?

      Are you a daily internet user? Do you know what the risks you are facing while accessing your bank account, your mail account in this virtual world? Whether your password safe enough? Many such questions will make you to panic.

How I am saying there is password robbery going on in the internet world?
          Do you ever come across this word about "Wiki leaks". They are sharing many secret information even from Pentagon which is brought through the unsecured access in the Internet. Just imagine if our secrets are stolen by some person without our knowledge. It would be so shocking.

How do I can protect my password?
     In recent research done by 'Gibson Research Corporation', if the password is about 9letters it takes around 2 to 3 months for the hackers to find the right password. But if it is 10 letters password it takes about 18years for the hackers to find the right password. It is highly recommended to have the combination of Small case letters and Upper case letters in combination with letters and special characters which makes anyone difficult to find the right combination of password.  Change your password often to different set of keywords. 

What should not be done while selecting password?
        Many people in a rush would do the most common mistakes in choosing password while joining in some sites. The common mistakes are the easiest way for the hackers to find your password.
  • Never use the common name or the favorite names you like as your password.
  • Never use your loved ones names too either.
  • Never use the same password to the sites you have joined.
  • Never write the passwords anywhere until you have the full confident or you are the only user of your system.
  • Never share about your password to anyone.

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