Monday, January 28, 2013

You are in Public!

     When we are out of our house we are in the midst of many people whom we call as Public. The most common human psychology is to show ourselves in the public than what we are in real. Also the viewers have the view of analyzing about the others in the public. All people have this habit for sure which is revealed to us when we are experiencing it in the public.

   So what is the purpose of showing this post to you?

     When you are in the bus stop, school playground, parks, shopping place, etc we tend to watch the people who are about to present around us. It would be for the purpose of comparing with them, learning from them, giving rating to them, whatever it can be.... but we start to look at them. Only a few people and their accessories would be attractive to us. We long for it for sure. But have you thought of seeing something which is disgusting to us. No we never think about such things and accessories in front of our eyes after moving away from the place or from such people.

  But have you ever imagine a people who behaves disgustingly in the public in front of us?

    Yes! we will imagine them. And also we will compare it in the future when we cross such a person. Such a mind we have. It is what nature has given to us.

  Now you would have understand what this post will be....

   Some people would behave absurdly in public without being the knowledge they are being cameraed in the eyes of many people in public. If you are one such people in the public, please do think more time before showcasing yourself to others and never become a goof to them.

 You would love to read this book 'Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior ' by Suzanne L. Davis.