Saturday, December 24, 2016

Life is complicated

  Hello readers after a long break I am now to write about few things.
    Life is such a wonderful creation in the world. Most people never understand it's worth until they need one to care for them. Our perspective thought about life changes during our lifetime. The pleasures which are considered in great view would become with vey tiny importance. Those thoughts which are considered as unwanted becomes our prime goal. Yes! Life is such a complicated thing in this universe until you get to know about life.

      That does not mean as to become saint. It is live along with what we get and what we see, what we experience.
      Life is such a beautiful and complicated thing!

Monday, January 28, 2013

You are in Public!

     When we are out of our house we are in the midst of many people whom we call as Public. The most common human psychology is to show ourselves in the public than what we are in real. Also the viewers have the view of analyzing about the others in the public. All people have this habit for sure which is revealed to us when we are experiencing it in the public.

   So what is the purpose of showing this post to you?

     When you are in the bus stop, school playground, parks, shopping place, etc we tend to watch the people who are about to present around us. It would be for the purpose of comparing with them, learning from them, giving rating to them, whatever it can be.... but we start to look at them. Only a few people and their accessories would be attractive to us. We long for it for sure. But have you thought of seeing something which is disgusting to us. No we never think about such things and accessories in front of our eyes after moving away from the place or from such people.

  But have you ever imagine a people who behaves disgustingly in the public in front of us?

    Yes! we will imagine them. And also we will compare it in the future when we cross such a person. Such a mind we have. It is what nature has given to us.

  Now you would have understand what this post will be....

   Some people would behave absurdly in public without being the knowledge they are being cameraed in the eyes of many people in public. If you are one such people in the public, please do think more time before showcasing yourself to others and never become a goof to them.

 You would love to read this book 'Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior ' by Suzanne L. Davis.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Donate a Penny

How it would be to own a laptop of brand new model, an Ipad, 3D view television, with air conditioner to soothen our mood and ordering our favorite dishes from KFC, McDonald's or doing some cheese rich sandwiches to pacify our desire alone. Won't it be great life to live? ^^ We are fortunate enough to get these or atleast something which gives us happiness and even luxury in our life.

You may be in the traffic signals waiting for 'green', there you could watch some poor do their work or sell some goods for few cents. Some people are begging for money in train or in bus stop. A few disabled people using their disabilty to earn money (pity for them).

Many of us are good hearted to donate them a penny and we too do them. It shows sympathy and humanity still present in the world. Our little money would make it as a flood and help them to get meals for one time. Coins from various people would help them to buy a new dress. If we are tending to donate them few pennies always then there should be no beggars in our country. But why still they are present?

We have to think about it. Yes we have to think about it seriously.

I like the proverb 'DON'T GIVE THE HUGER A FISH, JUST MAKE HIM TO LEARN HOW TO FISH'. Yes we have to make them to learn how to fish than lend them money.

Give the begging child, education so they will not beg in future. Instead they will take the country to great heights. Begging is the common cause for every problem in the country starting from theft, bribes and even murder. Just we are giving seeds for every crimes in the country.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Never think you are begging!!!!

Corruption, Corruption, Corruption!!!!!

Everywhere Corruption.

We cannot live without basic needs likewise we cannot lead our life without corruption. From the birth to death everything is corruption. Still why we have to worry about Corruption as all of us are using and being used by Corruption?

Yes we have to worry! Not in the name of the progress for the country or for our state or for something else. It is for us, we have to worry. Yes you heard right! It is for us we have to worry.

No not we have to worry about corruption that someone is cheating. It is in the name that we are losing our moral value. We are losing our moral values, our gratitude, our dignity, blah, blah, blah for corruption. You may think in your mind, "Hey stupid! Even we lose those we gain more luxuries which your moral values can't buy!". Yes I agree! I can't buy anything with those moral values any of the luxuries. But I know one thing for sure, I can buy good hearts and love from others if I wont corrupt anyone. It is happier and richer than any money brought luxuries.

Okay!Let us assume that you are getting more money for the work you are doing as "Something" from others. You build a big Mahal palace for your loved ones, a costliest jewel for you and for spouse, wont you forget that you have brought some curse together with the money you get something from the others. So you really need curse to gift to your loved ones or to live in the middle of curse.

You only see the big buildings, jewels, luxury cars through corruption. If you see only those, you are blind enough to catch a fire for your clothes by yourselves. It is not a foretelling or curse, I give it to you. It is the future how it comes to you, if you have lost your moral values today and going to suffer in future.

It is not any God going to punish for Corrupting, it is your own blood would do in future for the money you have collected and plucked, begged from others. 

Think wisely and be a wise person.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Hairstyle...!!

   Hello to all. This is to share some interesting photos I have shot while at home with the animals who are also the residents in our place. They are funny to watch. Just check them!!!!! You will enjoy!!!

How is my new Hair Style!!!!

Just a story now...

No one watching us!!!!

Come on Buddy!! It is the right time to enter the house.....

I find the way to get inside!!!


Careful, I hear someone is coming......

Hey!!! I got it. Look at it!!!!

What did they robbed? 

A model picture for their hairstyle!!!!! 

This post is just for fun. It is full of my imagination. Read it!! Watch it!!! Enjoy it!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Living Human Demons who are politicians in India

       Today in this post is about a shocking incident happened in 2010. Yes it is in 2010. But whether the people involved in the incident get the punishment no one knows. Just imagine you are watching a man dying in front of you in the road and he is being severed with sharp weapons and bleeding all around him. You have a vehicle and within 20 to 30 minutes you can reach the hospital to save him. What will you do? Just stand in front of him and enjoy how he is bleeding or do shoot all his injuries in camera for your headlines, or just call an ambulance to search where they are reached to carry him? 

      Yes it happened true and what are the options given is done by the people watching a dying man. He is a Sub Inspector of Police R.Vetrivel being attacked by a mob. They misidentify him for another police officer and threw a hand bomb at him and injured him with the sickle. He lost his leg in the bomb and with the sharp cut in the side of his neck. It happened in the Ambasamudram taluk, Tirunelveli district around 3pm.

   From the other end of the road two ministers named MRK PannerSelvam, TPM Mohaideen Khan are riding to reach Kadaynallur in the same road with the police protection.  They saw him dying in the road and they never think for saving him. Even one police is providing him water from distance so that he wont get any injury from him.

    Poor fellow!!! The Sub Inspector died is a good man and who is about to get double promotion for his work and a honest police officer too.

                                                              Irony MRK PannerSelvam is Health Minister and TPK Mohaideen Khan is environment minister during that period. But humans without any humanity. Not only the ministers, who are standing around him watching how he is dying.

     It happened during 8th Janurary 2010.

May his Soul rest in Peace. Praying for him!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reality shows or Entertainment

       Familiarity breeds contempt- People never want the same thing in their life again and again due to the advanced science. Now the variety of entertainment keeps on branching. People never want to see the same entertainment and films again and again. Likewise, the shows in the television should be variety attracting many audiences to the particular television channels.

      Initially such stunt shows are shown in the action channels like AXN. But people never want to cling on to the same channel for stunt shows and also the other television companies thought of reaching people through stunt shows, and reality shows.

      The reality shows varies. It includes reality dancing, singing and expressing their skills in front of people. As the world is so vast, the competitors are more. Everyone has to strive hard to get the Number One position or to become popular with skill. Nothing we can get easily without any effort or with simple effort. The efforts now done by the people to show the skill is not like cutting the nails. They are even ready to cut their heads to show the skill. That is passion.
                                                            Stunning performance

   When showing their talents, no one is down and no one is up. Everyone showed their unique talent. Everyone masters in their talent and do their mistakes. Their main aim is to show their talent to the world and to get the real praiseworthy which is a great gift for their work.