Monday, June 18, 2012

Donate a Penny

How it would be to own a laptop of brand new model, an Ipad, 3D view television, with air conditioner to soothen our mood and ordering our favorite dishes from KFC, McDonald's or doing some cheese rich sandwiches to pacify our desire alone. Won't it be great life to live? ^^ We are fortunate enough to get these or atleast something which gives us happiness and even luxury in our life.

You may be in the traffic signals waiting for 'green', there you could watch some poor do their work or sell some goods for few cents. Some people are begging for money in train or in bus stop. A few disabled people using their disabilty to earn money (pity for them).

Many of us are good hearted to donate them a penny and we too do them. It shows sympathy and humanity still present in the world. Our little money would make it as a flood and help them to get meals for one time. Coins from various people would help them to buy a new dress. If we are tending to donate them few pennies always then there should be no beggars in our country. But why still they are present?

We have to think about it. Yes we have to think about it seriously.

I like the proverb 'DON'T GIVE THE HUGER A FISH, JUST MAKE HIM TO LEARN HOW TO FISH'. Yes we have to make them to learn how to fish than lend them money.

Give the begging child, education so they will not beg in future. Instead they will take the country to great heights. Begging is the common cause for every problem in the country starting from theft, bribes and even murder. Just we are giving seeds for every crimes in the country.