Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life saver- Mobile

         Now the World has been shrunken and in our hand, by means of mobile. From 2G to now the new 3G has been in mobile which gives us live action of our friends and relatives through mobile. But in many villages the use of mobile had reached and it is a life saver now.
                This happened in our village where there is no bus facility. But few people own their own mobile phones.  A young man from nearby village, who has been crossing our village with his two- wheeler, is rushing to do his work. In the outer of our village where there is no house, his two-wheeler has been skid and fell into the pit of a bridge. No one knew he was there. Later a man from our village crossed the bridge found that man has been injured and bleeding from the head very bad. He had lost his most blood. Sooner, the man from our village called others through his mobile and also the 108 ambulance to that place. Exactly about 20 minutes they arrived. Until then people have given his some first aid.  The village where there is no single Government bus facility get this medical aid within 20 minutes and his life has been saved. He is doing quite well.
           The new technology, mobile integrated with the network of emergency helps to save many such lives. To say the truth we are now improving in our technology and it has to be reached to every common man in India.