Friday, April 1, 2011

A day of life in India

       Have you seen backyard of Tajmahal in any photos? Did you enjoy being in a crowded bus?  Have you tasted Pani Puri in the Mumbai beaches? Did you bought the pearls in Hyderabad streets? Have you walked in the Howrah Bridge?  Everything you can do…….!!!!
       Just imagine that you go from South Kanyakumari to Northern Himalayas, tasting the West Bengal air and wetting your feet in Arabian Sea in the shore. It is not the tourist trip. It is like seeing the true India from each and every corner.  Even the Indian from one part of India has no idea of the other part other than the major cultures and language. If you could see all those in one place, oh just imagine!!!!!

              The most renowned journal “Times of India” takes this hectic job to compile each and every part of India’s life. It is in the form of photos, videos, jokes, cartoons. Every product is from individual work who done it to show their place here. 
             You can enjoy, laugh, understand, and be a part of India. Some interesting photos and videos are given here. Just check it out.

Check funny videos here


suny said...

How can I forget some one who called me sunypa. I am here with your aunt as well.

viji said...

Wow Ma looks beautiful. Thanks for being here.