Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How your success is measured?

        Everyday we are striving hard for something to achieve. We cannot end up with success daily and even if we have success without failure we would fed up with the work we are doing. So the success and failures are like two coins and which is essential in our life. It motivates us to work more and to gain more.
      But as failure is essential we need to move towards success everyday and to achieve our goal irrespective of our daily result. Our every day work have to be measured with a scale. It is the scale to measure our success.

Yes there is a scale to measure the success!!!!

When we fail in our mission and would stand up to get the path again to reach the success, we learn lessons from the mistakes we did. It is the scale for success. Every time you learn something new and when the mistakes are turned to experience you are towards your goal. It measures how much you have proceeded and how much you have declined yourself in your life to achieve your goal. 

Just learn everyday how your success is measured?